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We all depend on electric light: to live and work; for comfort and safety. That dependency accounts for as much as 20 percent of all electricity consumption.

Yet an enormous proportion of that consumption is wasteful.

Present-day lighting technologies are highly inefficient. Only five to seven percent of the energy used by a typical incandescent lamp, for example, actually produces light. Fluorescent bulbs are better, but still produce as much as four times more heat than light.

Spotlight on solid state
Solid-state solutions produce light using semiconductors instead of gases or filaments. These semiconductors are basically the same materials used to make the chipsets for today’s electronic devices—everything from computers to cell phones.

Group IV Semiconductor is a frontrunner in the race to develop all-silicon solid-state light engines: long-lasting semiconductor devices that generate light far more efficiently than conventional bulbs and much more economically than today’s LED alternatives.

Low-cost and highly efficient, silicon-based solid-state light engines present a compelling outlook for a brighter, more sustainable future.